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Hello friends and readers!   You may have noticed that Boat People has shifted into the summer speed and is enjoying the sun, just like you are.  The store is still open, of course, and we have a killer summer sale coming up next week, so please stay tuned for more!  But you know, slowing down and taking time to smell the flowers is necessary!  Plus it’s  relaxing, and inspiring.   We are already super exited for the FW11 collection launch coming in august!  But until then, let’s chill!

So, 1/2 of Boat People is « gone fishing » in Portland Oregon.  Yup, I’m (Ari) visiting some friends here for the next weeks.  I’ve arrived yesterday, after an horrible overnight transfer in Newark and a 6h flight stuck beside a dude who forgot to shower after his 40k marathon!  Gosh!  

The Sellwood neighborhood my hosts live in is very very charming, 1 block away from a cute street filled with vintage furniture stores.  As their owners, June and Joe’s home is lovely and romantic… and packed with amazing vintage finds!  I’ll post pictures of my trip as it goes along.  For now, meet the neighborhood’s cow-cat that’s hanging out with me right now!

Merci à toutes pour votre participation et vos beaux commentaires!!  Vous voulez savoir si vous avez gagné?  Admirez ce beau moment de télé:

I really don’t care for labels … until I find one!

Vintage vibes at Cynthia Vincent for FW11. rebloged.

Cath Sim is photographed by the talented Marie H Rainville from Québec.  Stylist; Boat People Boutique and Cath Sim.  You will recognize the Romance Shirt, the Pretty in Pink dress and the Alice Dress.  Other clothing featured are vintage or Cath’s own.   Please visit MarieH’s blog for later updates!

A basic but fun tutorial showing you how to tie and sew a turban so it’ll actually look good!  You can spice up almost any outfit with this 10 minute DIY, using almost any kind of fabric.  I recommend a 13″ x 60″ fabric piece, but you can use wider if you want your turban to be more voluminous, or thinner if you want it more delicate.  Have fun!

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Un petit tutoriel simple mais efficace qui vous montre comment nouer et coudre un turban!  Vous pourrez donner de la gueule à n’importe quel look avec ce petit DIY, et ça marche en utilisant presque n’importe quel tissus!  Je recommande un morceau de 13″ par 60″ pour un meilleur résultat, mais vous pouvez utiliser plus large si vous voulez un turban plus imposant, ou plus étroit si vous désirez le contraire!  Have fun!  xx

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Yes, it’s tiny, but we will make sure to add our trendiest finds for you misters.  Here are the newly added styles!


Oui c’est une mini collection pour le moment, mais soyez assurés messieurs que nous allons travailler fort pour vous trouver le vintage le plus précieux qui existe!

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