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I had the chance to visit (and shop for a friend) the Pendleton’s Woolen Mill store in Portland.  I have to say that being submerged by navajo patterns, heritage plaids and scrap fabrics was overwhelming, and even if I’m not a fashion victim / trend maniac, I LOVED my experience there.  I qualify it as a very fun shopping adventure for a creative soul and DIY lover.  You can buy at the Woolen Mill Store; made in USA Pendleton fabric by the yard ( 78$/yd), scrap fabrics for really cheap, dead stock fabrics (still very expensive, 50$/yd)  and all the Pendleton’s home decor products (bed spreads, blankets, throws, bath towels etc).

Here are a couple of pictures from June’s iPhone, enjoy the visit!

Esthe and Ari (that’s my « I just spent 400$ on fabric » face)…  

It’s OKAY if you want to cry…

This is the Pendleton’s Heritage Museum

Scrap fabrics, yay!

A basic vintage looky shooting featuring my own (thrifted) Pendleton jacket with my own vintage 80s boots.  Features our boutique’s Le Petit Béret made in mink, and the wool Murielisime cardigan.  Mel’s vintage sunglasses and my shredded denim.

Navajo style this winter on our boutique:

Navajo style this spring on our boutique, coming february 1st!

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