A city girl with a beach look.  I can’t get enough of this old school 90’s tent dress.  Paired with Aldo african’ cuff, my feu Grand-ma 70’s yellow carry-all (made in West Germany!?! wow), vintage wedges.  Less is more, right?

Hello dear DIY fans!  Here is Boat People’s latest DIY project, the « 2 minutes box top »!  It’s simple: find a square piece of fabric, cut a hole in the middle for your head, take it to the sewing machine for 2 quick-stitches and VOILÀ!  Wear it as a caftan, a box top or just a shawl, depending on your sewing skills!!!

I used a thrifted lace fabric I found at my local charity store, but you can use any mid-weight fabric.  You will need at least a 33″ x 38″ for a S-M top.  Hope you like it and really do hope this inspires your to be creative, and DO IT YOURSELF!!!  :)  xo Boat People

Mel’s outfit, a tucked-in romantic vintage top with a very next level vintage « under the knee length » skirt, vintage floral carry-all, vintage shades and Holt Renfrew flip fl0ps.


I had the chance to visit (and shop for a friend) the Pendleton’s Woolen Mill store in Portland.  I have to say that being submerged by navajo patterns, heritage plaids and scrap fabrics was overwhelming, and even if I’m not a fashion victim / trend maniac, I LOVED my experience there.  I qualify it as a very fun shopping adventure for a creative soul and DIY lover.  You can buy at the Woolen Mill Store; made in USA Pendleton fabric by the yard ( 78$/yd), scrap fabrics for really cheap, dead stock fabrics (still very expensive, 50$/yd)  and all the Pendleton’s home decor products (bed spreads, blankets, throws, bath towels etc).

Here are a couple of pictures from June’s iPhone, enjoy the visit!

Esthe and Ari (that’s my « I just spent 400$ on fabric » face)…  

It’s OKAY if you want to cry…

This is the Pendleton’s Heritage Museum

Scrap fabrics, yay!

Welcome, dear readers, to a personal vintage style diary.  I woke up this morning with a « manouche » feel (FIY; a manouche is a Euro gypsy, and also a jazz guitar style).  I wear thrifted high waist denim cut-offs, re-shaped vintage tunic with crochet neck detail, vintage leather attaché. NO MAKE-UP

This is my sister’s necklace.  The three lil’ charms are actually tiny frames in which you can put an itsy bitsy picture of your mom, your cat & your bf!  Ardène bird ring.

Vintage wood & leather sandals.  Peaches n cream.  Thrifted late 80’s frames.  

Henna is a plant used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. (wiki).    In my world, henna mostly stands for the art of temporary tattoos, which we did while in P-Town.  Here is a gathering of www inspiring Henna images and photos of our own Henna Party!

Here is Esthe with her Henna tat (I made it, sorry if it looks horrible!)

Esthe tattooing Dangy, mexican inspiration here.

Henna inspired Sharpie job

Henna inspired Tom’s slip-on.  Please buy the original Tom’s!!  Here is why


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