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I remember being scared of tattooed men when I was a kid.  First:  they looked like bums and second;  it was pretty un-common to see 50 years olds with ink on their body.  Tattoos are now soooo very mainstream, no?  Here are a couple of cute and classic ones I found & heart.  Most images re-blogued from the Tattoologist blog (here) or on weheartit.

Sources:, weheartit, appartement therapy, bodew, poetichome

During the day…

And at night…

Rad girls from

Assos tee et idée de post via Ton Petit Look.  On a le goût de ce ptit DIY panda tee!  Source des looks:  1, 2, 3

Some random images I took from a book at the library… poor quality pictures of great style!

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