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How magical would it be to find my very own vintage satchel school bag!??  I might look for it for ever, cuz I haven’t seen one original leather satchel in good quality in years of thrifting… If you want one for yourself, I suggest you shop for it online here on the Suzie Floozie vintage bag store! :D

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sourced fashionchalet, weheartit and stylerookie

Henna is a plant used since antiquity to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. (wiki).    In my world, henna mostly stands for the art of temporary tattoos, which we did while in P-Town.  Here is a gathering of www inspiring Henna images and photos of our own Henna Party!

Here is Esthe with her Henna tat (I made it, sorry if it looks horrible!)

Esthe tattooing Dangy, mexican inspiration here.

Henna inspired Sharpie job

Henna inspired Tom’s slip-on.  Please buy the original Tom’s!!  Here is why


If you are into african fashion and ethic clothes, visit afroklectik, an African based blog dedicated to Africa’s style.

His darkened skin soaked with the smell of gaz and oil

And his greasy hair, kissed by the winds of freedom

He’s all distressed leather, heavy metals and pins

And he rides away, lonesome

Chasing her under the heavy sun

Sources:, jason lee parry via Fashion Gone Rogue and Les Loups MC

in the loving memory of my sweet grand-ma, Rolande, 1913-2011

I’ve been trying to keep my « zen » on in the past few days, as I’ve been through hell with computer problems.  Long story short, I lost all my personnal and professional data last week when I migrated to a new computer, leaving me with only memories of the past 5 years.  From 10 000 pictures to none, from 6000 songs to 0.  All of Boat People work is gone, all of my teaching stuff is lost in space.  But these problems remind me that I need to step back from this virtual material dependency and keep all these moments and sounds.. in my head.  Not that easy!  That being said, I hope you understand if we are a little slower on the blog and store for the next few days while I’ll try to put my life back togheter!  :)  Enjoy your week and don’t forget to comment the APRIL giveaway!!!  xo  Here are some relaxing images that inspire me.


Je fait de gros efforts pour garder mon « zen » ces jours-ci, car on dirait que le destin s’acharne sur moi!  Ma toute dernière catastrophe personelle a été de tout perdre mon disque dur lors d’une migration de mon système sur un nouveau mac, me laissant avec les traces des 5 dernières années seulement dans ma tête et dans mon coeur.  10 000 photos envolées, 6000 chansons méticuleusement classées sont disparues, tout le travail de Boat People et mon matériel d’enseignement au CNDF sont kaput.  J’avoue que cet excercise me force à me détacher de mon univers virtuel et m’incite à mieux conserver les beaux moments dans ma mémoire personnelle, mais c’est pas aussi facile à dire qu’à faire! :(  Alors ceci étant dit, j’espère que vous nous excuserez si nous sommes un peu moins présentes sur le blog et la boutique pour les prochains jours, je serai en train de ramasser ma vie à la ptit cuillère! :)  Sur ce voici quelques images douces qui me font du bien, bonne semaine! xx  N’oubliez pas de participer à notre concours APRIL GIVE-AWAY!!! Des cosmétiques bios à gagner!

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