Balmain’s SS11 collection is very Patriotic and Rock & Roll.  Did you like it??   Well, it inspired me to create my own american flag tank-top.  I thrifted a 2nd hand tee-shirt to make a tank-top out of it and the next operations are presented in the video tutorial.  The result:

Balmain’s american flag tee:  1500$

Boat People’s DIY american flag tee:  5$

I KNOW Balmain’s version is very very much nicer than ours… but is it really 300 times nicer than what we did???  ;)

So go ahead and Do It Yourself!  

****PS:  if you want the dirty, stained look, I suggest you pour coffee on your dry tank-top.  This will do the job perfectly!  I didn’t try it because I like it the way it looks right now, but I may do the coffee stain stunt in a few week!!