My life is very DIY oriented.. at least my job, my clothes, food, interior design are… and art too!  I am far from being an artist but  I can still manage to create some cute stuff for my loved ones.  My speciality is wish cards for birthdays, sickdays, wedding days or any special days.  I don’t think I ever bought a wish card, because  I love taking time to think of something special and personnal for everyone around me.  So this sunday we were celebrating my mom and dad’s 32nd wedding anniversary (these love birds are so inspiring I could cry! ) and my card idea was very simple and cliché, but oh so adorable for the occasion.

The concept in my mind was two foxes sitting next to one another with their tales tangled up, watching a sunset..  (awwww!), but somehow, this mis-connexion between my brain and my hands didn’t make it happen, because my drawing very looked like two Garfields sitting next to one another dreaming of lasagnas.  Forget about it!  So while I was hanging out with my lil’ romanian sister, she agreed to create the image I had in my head (foxes, not garfield) with waterpaint!  Yay!  The result is cute and perfect, here are some pics I took while she was working, gna gna gna!

Tx St, my pops loved the card!

Le dessin original;  deux Garfield (ce sont théoriquement des renards)