Dear ladies and gents, here are the give aways for the Uranium loves BP sweep!  We will send the winner, wherever she/he is on the planet, an exclusive and 1oak (one of a kind eheh) vintage mix necklace made with love by Marie-Ève Ruel, the very rad owner of Uranium.  Plus!  A Boat People vintage surprise bag including this lovely sheer plaid summer shirt, (with POCKETS!!! wow!),  a pearled night bag and cute enamel bangels.   That’s a lot of love, don’t you think?  :)  Here is how to participate, again;

Copy/paste this  text (bold part) in a blank email, and send in CC to as many girlfriends as you’d like.   CCI info@boatpeopleboutique.com in order for us to know who participated.   YOU CAN ALSO WRITE YOUR OWN EMAIL, JUST DON’T FORGET TO PUT THE LINK!

10-19 friends in CC = 1 chance of winning, 20-29 friends is 3 chances of winning and 30+ CC friends is 5 chances of winning.   Blog it:  a 5 chances bonus!  (don’t forget to send us the link!)   Contest closes on saturday, june 5th at 5pm eastern time.

You must be a Facebook fan to win, so make sure you are “liking” us on our page here!  :)

Copy this to your email:

Hello girlfriends!

I know you like fashion and one of a kind products, that’s why I’m inviting you to check out this vintage store, it’s called Boat People Boutique and they sell crazy vintage online.  Free shipping over 75$ in Canada.  Check it out!  :) They also have a sample store where you will find Vans, Insight, RVCA and Volcom samples and great prices.




Salut les filles!

Je sais que vous êtes fan de mode et de vintage, alors je vous invite à aller visiter cette nouvelle boutique vintage!  Ça s’appelle Boat People Boutique, et elles vendent en ligne du superbe vintage sélectionné et lavé.  Livraison gratuite pour les commandes de 75$ au Canada, allez voir ça! :) Elles ont aussi une boutique de samples Vans, Insight, RVCA et Volcom!



GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL, contest ends june 5th, 17h qc, you must be a facebook fan to win!