As an eco-loving enterprise, we should probably have wrote a ticket on earth day last week.  But to me, april 22nd is only special because people around me have a special thought for our mother earth, one they might not have the rest of the year.  However, we at Boat People try to live earth day, everyday.  How so?  Here are some small actions we do as a business to limit our imprint on environment;

1.  We are two owners, but only one of us owns a car, which is a well maintained, low-consuming vintage Volkswagen Golf.  (forrest green, nice!)

2.  The products we sell are pre-loved, which doesn’t encourage the production of new materials

3.  Our point of sale is online, which means that our viewers can enjoy our boutique and blog from anywhere around the globe without having to use a car! Only the products that are sold have to go through transportation.

4.  We wash all garments in cold water with eco friendly detergents and we hang them dry.

5.  We pack your vintage purchase in re-utilized boxes

6.  We try to source the material needed for our business from Canada or USA.  We limit our purchase of « Made in Asia » to the strict minimum because (in general) these countries do not subject their industries to environmental policies, they underpay their employees and the final product transportation accross the entire planet is very polluting.

As you can see, every steps count.  We operate a green business, and we try to have a green lifestyle  too!  Which means consuming less water, eating meat every second day or less, riding our bike or walking in town, buying local and second-hand, composting and car pooling and mostly, consumming for basics only.  We are far from being perfect, but let’s hope we can inspire others to make a difference too.  Thanks for reading, happy everyday earth day!